De-stressing Through Crafting

I haven’t written on my blog in a bit mainly due to dealing with a lot of stress this past week. I recently had to give a speech to 70 people at my job. I am absolutely terrified of public speaking so you can imagine I was literally thinking about this for weeks leading up to the event. The speech I gave was short but that didn’t make it any easier. It was for a special event at the zoo and they wanted a penguin keeper to just talk about the birds and our day to day job. I just had to keep reminding myself, people were there because they love the animals and wanted to hear what I do everyday and what it’s like to work with them. I made it through the event….I didn’t implode and needless to say, I felt like a ton of bricks was lifted off my chest after it was over. I did get to talk to a lot of cool people after the talk was over and got to share a lot of knowledge with them so that was fun. Aside from rare public speaking events, I adore my job. I get to work with animals which I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a kid. I get to feel like I’m making a difference on educating people about wildlife conservation and I don’t have to sit behind a desk. All positives for me!

Anyhow, I often make layouts that include some of the animals I work with. I don’t know if others view that as weird but I’m passionate about my job and I care a lot about them so why not include them in my layouts since I spend so much time with them and they’re so important to me? I guess I kind of view them as coworkers. I decided to show off two recent layouts I’ve done that include my “coworkers.”

Here’s a layout I did of the European White Stork that I work with. I like to throw sticks into his outdoor yard for him to work on nest building. Every time I do, he throws his head back and claps his bill in excitement before carrying off the sticks to work on his nest.  I sprayed a doily with Heidi Swapp Gold Lame’ color shine so that it worked like a stencil on the paper. The rest is pretty simple: some Thickers, a few random paper choices, a home-made watercolored tag, vellum, enamel dots, and washi. This was the first time I’ve added glitter to a page. I’m not sure what I think about it yet. I also need to find other ways to add my glitter to a layout. I’ve bought tons of it when I first started scrapping and really didn’t know what to do with it and still don’t!

photo (1)photo (3) - Copyphoto (4)photo (6) - Copy


The next layout is a picture of me holding a skunk from my old position at the zoo. I used to work in the education department and work with all the animals that went out on grounds to educate the public. These animals were a lot more hands on because of this. This cuddle session was the way we got the skunk to be more comfortable with handling. He really seemed to enjoy the snuggle sessions and would get very relaxed.

photo (7)



photo (8) photo (9)photo (10)

Thanks for checking out my layouts!



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