Quick and Colorful Tags

I didn’t have a lot of time to scrapbook today so I opted to work on some tags and make them unique and fun to add to future layouts. I just felt the need to do something creative but knew I didn’t have the hour or so to devote to going through all my supplies for the perfect papers and embellishments to create a layout I was happy with. I just grabbed a handful of different shaped tags and a bunch of my stamps and watercolor and went to work. ImageI really like how they ended up coming  out. I kind of enjoy when my scrapbooking stuff doesn’t come out perfect. I like just attempting a technique and seeing what happens and sometimes the imperfections give it more character. I’m not the best at blending watercolor but I just went with it….and when everything dried, I thought it still looked pretty decent. ImageYou’ll notice in the sets, I had to make two bird related tags. I couldn’t resist since I am a bird keeper after all. 😉

ImageI really like how the white tag with the “Hello” stamp turned out. I just put Gesso all over a kraft tag and then splattered some pink and black and yellow paint on it. Then used the stamp over and over again. I already used it in a new layout that I made. My other favorite tag is the blue one with the flowers. It looks kind of chaotic but in a neat way. I think the way the flowers are stamped on it, it almost looks like it was drawn on.

ImageThese were really fun and easy to make and are a little more exciting than using a plain white tag or a kraft colored tag. If you aren’t into watercolor, you could easily just add stickers, washi tape, or stencil some neat designs onto a tag. What other embellishments do you like to modify or jazz up for your scrapbook layouts?


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