Let’s not call A&E Hoarders just yet.

So in the last two days, I’ve gone on two “shopping sprees” for craft items. While scrapbooking is a relatively new hobby for me…. I feel like I’m starting to drop some serious cash on these items. I mean let’s face it, scrapbooking can be as expensive or as cheap a hobby as you make it. But when you see all the hot new items online in various blogs, YouTube haul videos, and scrapbook websites it makes you want more stuff to work with. Yesterday on my way home I had to stop at TJ Maxx and bought an insane amount of Thickers. I spent about thirty dollars but came home with quite a few packs. I have a hard time passing them up when they’re normally $4.99 and you get them here at $1.49 a pack. I really beefed up my Thickers collection. I won’t go so far to say I have actual buyer’s remorse but was feeling a bit guilty for the money I spent. ImageThey are always super useful and look great when titling a layout. Do most scrappers create a budget for themselves so they don’t get out of control? With so many cool new products constantly coming out, it’s something I think I’ll have to do to maintain some order and not go into full-on hoarder mode. Do you have a budget or do you think you need one?


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